Optical Distribution Frame

Optical Distribution Frame Features

  • Standard size, light weight and reasonable structure
  • Splice tray inside changeable
  • Can be used in 19”, 23” standard distribution frame
  • Suitable for ribbon and single fiber
  • Various panel plate to fit different adapter interface 
  •  Front mark on the plate is easy for identification and operation
  • 24C, 36C, 48C, 72C 96C optional, with or without fiber optic pigtails and adapters
  •  Easy for management and operation 

Optical Distribution Frame Description

An optical distribution frame (ODF) is a frame used to provide cable interconnections between communication facilities, which can integrate fibre splicing, fibre termination, fibre optic adapters & connectors and cable connections together in a single unit. It can also work as a protective device to protect fibre optic connections from damage.


  • Telecommunications subscriber loop
  • Fiber to the home (FTTH)
  • LAN/WAN 
  • CATV

Optical Distribution Frame Data Sheet

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