Fiber Optic Porduct List

Classification and market status of fiber optic communication products:

Due to the explosive development and application of Internet technology, the demand of communication market has been greatly enlarged, and fiber optic communication technology, as the most advantageous communication technology at present, has gradually become the mainstream of the market.

Generally speaking, optical communication products include optical active devices and optical passive devices. The active passive devices are distinguished according to whether they need to be driven by external power.In China, due to the limited development time of active optical products, there are some gaps in technology compared with Occident and Japan. However, with the promotion of China’s domestic market demand, China’s communication technology gap is gradually narrowing over the years. In 5G communication technology, Huawei and some other mainstream companies even overtake on curves.On the other hand,Passive optical devices are booming in China.

In specific fiber optic products, the layers are obvious. In active products, some brands occupy most of the market and guide the product technology direction, such as Cisco, Huawei, Zte, Tp-link’s OLT and ONU products.Of course, some small and medium-sized Chinese manufacturers have developed rapidly in recent years, and they have rapidly acquired the lower SFP optical module and media converter market. Moreover, their market share is still growing, and their brands are gradually recognized by the market. Some of them are Shiningfiber’s deep partners.

In terms of passive optical devices, due to the low technical threshold requirements, combined with domestic manufacturing advantages, Chinese factories have obvious advantages, high product competitiveness, and products are gradually accepted by the global market.

About the quality of passive optical devices

In the application of optical fiber communication, a large number of passive optical devices with different manufacturing processes, different functions, different styles and different types are used, which generally require low insertion loss, large temperature range, stable performance, long life and suitable size.

Fiber cable management products: fiber distribution box, fiber optic splice closure and ODF. The quality of this fiber terminal box mainly depends on the material, and from the convenience of use, it is suitable for its specific application scenarios.In terms of material, PC+ABS is the best material for the fiber distribution box, but mostly are pure ABS ones on the market.And the appearance have no difference, the cost difference is large, we need to carefully identify.The fiber optic splice closure mainly looks at the core number of support, size, material.The cost of different parameters varies greatly.ODF belongs to sheet metal parts, with little difference in steel cost. It mainly depends on the flange of the equipment, and most of the problem lies in the flange of the equipment.

Fiber optic patchcord,splitter and connectors: this product focuses on test data, insertion loss, return loss, optical transmission, repeatability, interchangeability, ambient temperature, etc.The quality level of products can only be determined when the quantity of test samples is increased and the test data is relatively stable.

About the price of fiber optic communication products

To be honest, the number of Chinese manufacturers is very large, the degree of competition is high,the product price is very advantageous.Factory to ensure competitive advantage, cost accounting is very strict.Therefore, excessive bargaining is not recommended. Most small and medium-sized Chinese manufacturers want to make high-quality products. Sometimes, if the price is too low, they will make a small profit by reducing the quality of products.Shiningfer believes that as long as the product has a competitive advantage in the customer’s home market, quality is guaranteed, and reasonable profits are maintained, it is enough for long-term business development.

With many years of factory experience, Shiningfiber is an expert manufacturer of optical communication products.Our supplier partners are also long-term cooperation, we give them our factory price, and the same they give us, over the years, our supply chain has already formed.and the quality is stable, the price is reasonable, provide strong support for our cooperated overseas customers.

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