Fiber Optic Tool Kit

Fiber Optic Tool Kit Features

Fiber optic tool kit is a collection of specialized tools and equipment designed for the installation, maintenance, and repair of fiber optic networks. It typically includes items such as cleavers, splicers, connectors, power meters, and other tools essential for working with optical fibers.

Fiber Optic Tool Kit Description

The FTTH fiber cold-connected construction kit is a simple and convenient integration solution for Fttx fiber-to-the-home quick-connect construction, such as stripping, fiber cutting, cleaning and testing. It is economical and practical, and is an ideal tool for construction operators.

Fiber Optic Tool Kit Data Sheet

Fiber optic cleaver is a precision tool used in fiber optic communications to make clean and precise cuts on optical fibers. Key features include a sharp blade, an adjustment mechanism for cleave length, a fiber holder for stability, and some may have automated functions. These tools ensure accurate and consistent fiber preparation for splicing or termination, crucial for minimizing signal loss in optical communication systems.

Fiber power meter measures the optical power in a fiber optic communication system. It includes a detector, a calibrated display, and connectors for various fiber types. Portable and battery-powered, it’s crucial for technicians to verify signal strength and troubleshoot network issues in the field.

Visual fault locator (VFL) is a compact tool used in fiber optic networks to visually locate faults or breaks in the fiber. It emits a visible red light that makes it easy for technicians to identify issues such as bends or breaks in the fiber optic cable. The VFL is particularly useful for troubleshooting and quickly pinpointing the location of faults in optical fibers.

The CFS-2 fiber stripper is used to peel 250um coating of 125um fiber.
The 1.98mm open pore at the top uses to peel 0.9mm tube of fiber optic pigtail.

A fiber stripper is a tool used in fiber optic technology to remove the protective coating from optical fibers, exposing the bare fiber for splicing or termination.

A fiber alcohol bottle is a small container used to dispense isopropyl alcohol for cleaning and preparing optical fiber surfaces in fiber optic installations.

fiber optic length fixer is a device used to accurately measure and fix the length of optical fibers during installation or maintenance.

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