Your One-stop Fiber Optic FTTH Supplier

Who are we ?

Shiningfiber, a wellknown fiber optical communication equipment integrated supplier in Shenzhen China, provides one-stop service.The most reliable products,the resonable price, helps our customers to creat value, win the market.Shiningfiber is committed to becoming your best fiber optic partner in China.

What are we doing?

Shiningfiber owns a fiber distribution box and splitter factory ,and also has deep cooperation with many domestic optical communication equipment factories in China.It covers almost all the products in fiber optic industry,which can create a complete supply chain of optical communication industry, create the most reliable integrated supplier for customers, provide one-stop service for procurement in China, improve customer procurement efficiency, avoid customer after-sale worries, and make cooperated customer more Focus on the development and expansion of the local market.

How do we do?

Whether it is our own production design or from our cooperated factories, we always emphasize quality priority. Quality products first, then is the market. Over the years, we have cooperated with many manufacturers, constantly replacing and optimizing the supply chain, communicating face-to-face with the boss of manufacturers and communicating the details with the production department. The suppliers we work with have the most basic integrity and service awareness, and have a long-term development pattern and goals. If there is no such thing, the next one. Until the supply chain is the most stable and reliable.

How do we cooperate?

Over the years, we have many overseas customers working together, and gradually become familiar with the market. We focus on our supply chain, our customers focus on their own market, specialization and cooperation. Our goal is to help our partners to establish advantages in their local market, quality is the base, price is the weapon, defeat the rival to master the market initiative.

We will make little profit on the first cooperation for the new customer, we will give a 5% discount, let customers experience the quality and service of Shiningfiber, and take the first step of long-term cooperation.

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