Fiber Optic Terminal Box

What is the fiber optic terminal box?

Fiber terminal box , is a compact fiber management product of small size. It is widely adopted in FTTx cabling for both fiber cabling and cable management. In some circumstances, fiber termination box can be regarded as the mini size of fiber optic patch panel and optical distribution frame (ODF).

Shiningfiber devided the fiber optic terminal box into four categaries:distribution box ,ODF,patch panel,splice closure.

How to choose the best fiber optic terminal box?

Generally speaking, all fiber optic terminal boxes are injection molded parts, while Patch panel is sheet metal. Let’s take the fiber distribution box as an example to discuss how to choose a product with guaranteed quality.

There are many types of fiber distribution boxes on the market, and because of their special application scenarios, fiber distribution boxes require outdoor poles or wall hangings, and there are many outdoor environments, so the quality requirements are high. Then the key point of the quality of the fiber distribution box lies in the material, which is the point most overlooked by ordinary users. The current materials are divided into pure ABS, ABS + PC alloy plastics. In terms of performance, gloss, heat resistance, impact resistance, compression resistance, wear resistance, and flame retardancy. ABS + PC material is much stronger. But from the appearance, we basically can’t distinguish between the two materials, and the cost is also very different (the blog will explain in detail later). Shingfiber’s fiber distribution boxes are all made of ABS + PC. Avoiding low quality traps for businesses.

Fiber terminal box market analysis and market prospects:

This is a big proposition, and we will continue to update and summarize this content in later blogs. Here we simply compare the competitiveness of a specific product and the merchants of a country. We still take the 16-core fiber distribution box empty box, the US market as an example:
Now the best e-commerce companies are Amazon, Alibaba’s AliExpress, and some local retailers and wholesalers.
Amazon: price 47usd, shipping freight 8
Aliexpress:price 14 usd,shipping freight 52
Fibertronics(local retail shop in USA): price 42.5 usd,shipping freight 10
Shininigfiber:8 usd,Optimize Shipping Plan to U.S. freight is less than 1 usd.

From the above price comparison, we can see that this business has a huge profit margin. This profit margin is due to the excessive concentration of suppliers, almost all of which come from China, and there are no good and cheap sources in other regions. Secondly, the transportation cost is too high. As long as we can provide good quality and cheap products, and help you save shipping costs in our way. And assist strong sales ability. Defeating your local market rivals and getting a profit is easier. (Contact us, tell your country, help you analyze your market)

The fiber terminal box is the management and protector of the fiber of the optical fiber. With the improvement of people’s quality of life, this product is indispensable, and the trend of optical fiber replacing copper wire is huge, and the market share is huge and stable. Our factory produces nearly 100,000 fiber distribution boxes of various types every month.

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