Patch Cord/Jumper

Patch Cord Features

Fiber optic patch cord is a cable with connectors on both ends, used to connect optical devices in networks. They come in various connector types, lengths, and colors. Patch cords are crucial for data transmission in applications like data centers and telecommunications networks, and proper care and testing are essential for optimal performance.

Patch Cord Description

Patch Cords are used to provide optical connection for fiber optic electronics. The use of the patch cord provides a quick and easy method for routing fiber patches in data centers, head-ends, cellular hubs and central offices. The patch cord can be used in interconnect or cross-connect path connecting the incoming fibers to the electronic equipment and providing patching within the fiber paths. Patch Cords include simplex, duplex and Multi-fibers assemblies.


  • Fiber CATV
  • Fiber Cabling system
  • LAN & FTTH Network

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