Fiber Optic Connector

What are fiber optic connector type?

Shining fiber devided fiber optic connector to be three categories: Fast connector, Attenuator and Adaptor. According to connector type, can be SC/LC/FC/ST. According to polish type, can be APC/UPC.

How to quickly detect the quality of fast connectors?

At present, the mainstream optical fiber fast connectors are mainly composed of V-shaped grooves, matching liquid, embedded optical fibers, and plastic accessories. The main core technology is to achieve fiber alignment by means of high-precision V-shaped grooves. The long-term reliability of the connector requires all manufacturers to have basic material research and development capabilities, and at the same time to undergo a large number of experiments to verify, the technical threshold is quite high, and strict and precise production process control is required to achieve mass production quality Stable, has high requirements for manufacturers.

The easiest and most direct way to detect fast connection is to include three indicators: room temperature insertion loss, initial installation success rate, and repeatable opening performance. These three indicators are the key to whether the line can be opened. However, if you need to reach a professional level of testing, there are more professional testing solutions, including temperature cycling and damp heat testing, tensile and torsional testing, and repeated plug and unplug tests, which are important methods to effectively measure the long-term reliability of fiber optic connectors.

At present, there are more than 100 manufacturers that can produce quick connector in China, but the vast majority are cloned and replicated production lines since 2018. . If such products are flooded with fiber-to-the-home engineering, it will bring great hidden dangers to operators and users, and it will also increase network maintenance costs in the future.

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