Classification of Optical Fiber (The Complete Guide 2020)

Now optical fiber communication has become the mainstream method of communication transmission. The market is full of all kinds of optical fiber products, with many categories, complex models and long product lines. Conventional, customized, and improved products coexist, and optical fiber communication technology continues to progress rapidly, and new products will quickly enter the market. […]

Top 10 fiber optic communications suppliers in China

Today we are going to talk about China’s top fiber optic communication suppliers. Every industry will have the best competitors. They are so good, they lead the development direction of the industry, determine the rules and standards of the industry, and they are also the biggest players and beneficiaries in the industry. In China, the manufacturing […]

10 Tips Help You to Know Everything About Fiber Distribution Box

The fiber Distribution box is a common product in FTTH and FTTB. It protects the connection point of the optical cable to access user end, makes the optical cable access point stable, dust-proof, and waterproof. It reduces the interference for access signal of the optical cable to the external environment as much as possible.According to the […]